What does early pregnancy discharge look and feel like


  1. Hai admin I started my periods on the 28 last month usually it takes 5 days I finish Monday.Then from Tuesday until today meaning Thurs day I so reddish thick discharge and I experience sore nipples as if my nipples are getting cold.At the back in my waist I feel the pains.and I’m trying for a baby and I’m using follic acid tablets everyday. what will be the problem?

  2. Hi, m Angel,
    I had got periods on 13th f las month, n on 10th day doc had given me hug injection of 5000mg, n den during my periods on 3rd she tol me to start taking 5tab of ovacare n den ovulation study was doneon 12th day f cycle 2 follicles wer formed n den on 14th day again aftr ovulation study both my eggs had got ruptured, so my doc gave me progesterone system tab 300mg, n den she said dat it shud pass thru fallopian tubes aftr havin intercourse for nxt 3days, can I get pregnant b4 this cycle as this is my second cycle of taking treatment with injection.
    Can u please tell me m worried abt my conceiving,…..
    Kindly do the needful
    Thanks n have a gr8 day ahead…

  3. I been having some of these symptoms but i took a test and it came back negative did i take it to early. I came on my period last month but it wasn’t a normal period like i was bleeding for a couple of days then i started to spot

  4. Spotted and had slight cramping 10 days before period was due, 6 days after ovulation. Period is now 1 day late. Mood swings, tired, thick white discharge for the 4th day. My breast aren’t all that sore nor have my nipped darkened. Which they did with every other pregnancy I’ve had. I have had two live Births and within the last 11 months I have had two missed miscarriages back to back within 3 months. I’m so anxious to get pregnant but also petrified at the same time. Took a at home pregnancy test it came back negative most likely cuz I’m just a day late. However two months ago we had blood test run and my fsh levels were low not drastically but low and my fmd hasn’t sent me for more blood work.. Anyone else experience something like this?

      1. I had a negative test period was completely messed up but arrived. Was diagnosed with pcos. Hope you have luck and a successful pregnancy. With a beautiful bundle.

  5. Hello, I had an early period three weeks ago and ovulated last Monday. My husband and I had sex everyday after my period until last Tuesday. Yesterday and today I am having some brown discharge. I’m not quite due for my period until this coming Saturday. What would be the cause of this, because I am doubting a pregnancy is it.

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