Top 6 Causes of Pink Discharge After Period

There is a blood in your cervical mucus or discharge due to the following:

  • Left over period blood
  • Bleeding during ovulation
  • Implantation spotting
  • Cervical Inflammation

Blood in cervical mucus can cause a pinkish tint in you discharge and may leave you feeling worried.

It is common and normal for women to have a scanty and light bleeding during implantation. And this is an early sign of pregnancy.

Pinkish tint of blood in ​early pregnancy is normal and usually accompanied by cramping.

If you have a bloody discharge after a positive pregnancy test, you should see the doctor immediately.


  1. I started my period on the 13th of this month (September) and stopped this morning. My period usually last 5 days. I’m am now experiencing a pinkish color . What does it mean?

    1. same as me but accompanied with nausea and cramps, not sure when it would be good to be seen or someone on here has a good reference/information.

      1. I have the same symptoms. It started on 23rd night with spotting and then changed into heavy flow the next day, medium flow with pinkish/redthe third day and today it is gone. Only pink discharge when wiped with tissue. Let me know what happened next?

  2. This is exactly my situation. I started the 23rd(1 day early actually) the flow was the exact same as you’ve explained and i’m not sure what it means. It would be great to see what’s followed from people with the same situation. Does anyone else have nausea too?

  3. My last day of menstrual was Sept. 28. I had sexual intercourse on October 5. Today is October 10 and when I wiped my self I noticed pinkish/Orange, red speckly tint. What should it be?

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