Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test White Discharge

One of the early symptoms of pregnancy is a missed period. But what happens when you get have a late period negative pregnancy test white discharge?

This can be frustrating especially if you are trying for a baby and this can make you impatient.

This could also make you scared if you are not try​ing for a baby but had unprotected sex with your partner.

I Missed My Period and I have a White Discharge

If you had unprotected sex and have no period just white discharge, you could be pregnant depending on how many days late your period is.

White discharge is usually common before ovulation due to the increase in estrogen levels but after ovulation progesterone hormone becomes the dominant hormone which prepares your uterus for pregnancy.

If no pregnancy occurs, the progesterone level decreases and the uterus lining is shed as your next period.

But if fertilisation occurs the estrogen and progesterone hormone level rises to support the pregnancy.

This rise in estrogen hormone causes the production of Thick white discharge or Milky white discharge as an early sign of pregnancy.

Late Period cramps Negative Pregnancy Test White vaginal Discharge Causes

Aside from pregnancy, there are also some other reasons why you would experience no period and not pregnant. These are:


Your menstrual cycle can be affected by various factors and changes.

If you are trying to conceive you can be so anxious about it that it can lead to a missed or delayed period.

It is advisable that couples trying to conceive remain calm and relaxed.

​Excessive worrying can affect not only your reproductive system but also your digestive system causing diarrhea and cramps.


Studies has been published about the relationship between stress and periods.

A delayed or missed period can be due to stress and distruption to normal routine.

When we are under stress our body reacts in a different way and our hormones do not function properly.

Stress can take a toll on your reproductive hormones if not managed well.

Birth Control

It is possible for a woman to miss her period while on birth control. The reason behind this, is some birth control pills prevent ovulation.

In addition, consistently using birth control pills for a long period of time can reduce your period to 4 times a year.


Engaging in excessive exercise can cause missed or delayed period.

Exercise in moderation is ​great for staying fit and healthy. But when you start doing strenuous exercise that your body isn't used to, it disrupts your hormone levels.

Faulty Pregnancy Test

A faulty pregnancy test can be caused by a manufacturing defect in the pregnancy test.

This can give you a false result.

It is recommended you buy a quality pregnancy test from your drugstore.

missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test could I be Pregnant?

Yes you could be, Milky white discharge is common among women in the early days of pregnancy.

When you fall pregnant a lot of changes starts happening in your body. Some of the changes include the production of white discharge to tell you, you are pregnant.

A negative pregnancy test is possible while pregnant if your level of HCG hormone is not high enough for the home pregnancy test to detect.

This could mean you are testing too early and you need to wait a few more days or 1 more week.

Period late Negative Test When Should I Test Again?

The ideal time to test for pregnancy is 7 days past your period. If you are having other early pregnancy symptoms but a negative pregnancy test after 14 days past your period date.

You can go into the clinic to have a pregnancy blood ​test. This can easily detect more accurately if pregnancy exists or not.

Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test Cramping

Cramping also occurs during implantation and as well as spotting.

Implantation Cramping and ​Spotting and milky white discharge are all signs of early pregnancy.

Learn more about Cramping no period​ here

milky white discharge negative pregnancy test

The vaginal discharge produced during the early pregnancy stages is mostly Thick white discharge or Milky white. You could also have a clear white discharge.

This types of discharge is different from the slippery one produced at ovulation to aid the sperm swim to the egg.​

Other Early Pregnancy Symptoms

For some women, detecting pregnancy using early home pregnancy test kit might be challenging.

I will urge you to look out for other pregnancy symptoms such as:

Nausea, tiredness, Sore breast, implantation cramping, Spotting and bleeding.​

Swollen or Breast Tenderness

One of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy is tender breast. Even though most women mistake this for premenstrual syndrome.

Breast tenderness starts around week 1 and 2 of pregnancy.​

Implantation Cramping and spotting

In fact the very first evidence that pregnancy has occurred is spotting.

Spotting and cramping happens around Day 6-7 after ovulation.

Although not every woman experience this cramps or spotting. Few women do experience ​both.

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Bloating occurs in early pregnancy because of the increased levels of hormones estrogen and progesterone.

This can be mistaken for the premenstrual Syndrome but bloating in early pregnancy is caused by the increase in progesterone hormone ​that causes the uterus lining to thicken.


Some women experience diarrhea in early pregnancy. This is due to hormonal changes which affects your digestive system. Although some women experience constipation instead.

Tiredness and Fatigue

Due to lot of changes in your reproductive system and hormonal changes it is possible to start feeling tired or Fatigue as early as one week past conception.

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