How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Last?

6. Breast Changes

This is one of the early signs of pregnancy before a missed period.

After fertilisation, you may notice that your breast appears tender and fuller.​

Also your areola starts to get darker as early as a week after conception.​ A tingling feeling around your areola is also a sign that you are pregnant.

7. Feeling Bloated

Your level of oestrogen and progesterone hormone, continues to increase to sustain pregnancy.

This can sometimes may you feel bloated or gassy in early pregnancy.​

early pregnancy spotting

When is the Best Time to take a Pregnancy Test

The best time to take a pregnancy test is a week after you have missed your period.

Testing too early may result in a negative or false test result. Most pregnancy test strips are built to test for atleast HCG level of 25mIU/ml.

​If your HCG level is too low, it will not be detected by most pregnancy kits.

Wait a few more days if you have pregnancy symptoms. You can also go to see the doctor, who will carry out a blood test.​

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