5 Ways to get Free Fertility Pills to get Pregnant?


Often times women who are suffering from infertility problems will like to get free fertility pills either because they are low income earners or they would like to try the pills out before buying it.

Which is totally fine but the issue is, who gives out these free samples of fertility pills​

How to get Free Samples of Fertility Pills?

There are various ways to get these free samples of fertility drugs, and we are going to discuss them one after the other.

1. Ask Your Doctor

If you really want to get free samples of fertility drugs, the first person to ask is your doctor. At times fertility companies give doctors free ttc samples to give out to patients to see if it works for them.

If you have financial difficulties or you would like to try the fertility pills make sure you tell your doctor about your needs and situation.

You would be surprised on how willingly they would help you or give you better solutions on how to obtain free fertility drugs or treatments.​

2. Free Samples Online

Some fertility companies online do give out free samples online or free ttc starter kits.

A company like ConceiveEasy.com gives out a month free trial of fertility blend. You only pay for shipping and handling cost. But this is a great way to get your hands free fertility pill.

3. Drugs Store Samples

Some pharmaceutical companies give out free fertility products to drugs store to give out to consumers. You can go around drug stores in your area and ask them if they have free pills to give out.

4. Ask your Friends

If you have had friends and family members who have gone through fertility treatments, you can reach out to them and ask if they still have left over pills.

Before taking any pills make sure your doctor approves it.​

5. Free Clinical Trials​

Participating in free clinical trials is another way to get free fertility drug samples.

​Researcher centers and teaching hospitals do carry out clinical trials for time to time.

They give out free fertility ​medications and free fertility treatments out to people who are willing to participate.

Look around in your area, city, country for ​hospitals or clinics looking for participant in these clinical trials.

6. Apply for compassionate care program​

You can submit your application to compassionate care program if you are in need for financial assistance for your fertility medications.

The program provides free medications for couples undergoing IVF treatments based on their household income and the cost of their IVF treatment.​

Free Fertility Samples by Mail

You can also get free pregnancy pills in the mail if you order them online. It is important to know that even though these pills are free, you don't pay for the pill itself. But you may be required to pay for shipping and handling cost.

Free conception Pills with Free Shipping

Most fertility pills company give away free fertility products but often ask you to pay for shipping.

These is because they don't mind giving you free stuff but you have to be prepared to pay the shipping cost to you.

Which in my opinion I think it is fair enough.

I will definitely advise ​that if you are low in cash and want a free fertility pill with free shipping you should let your doctor know about your financial difficulty.

He/She might be able to help you or refer you to an organisation who can offer you help for your fertility treatment.​

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