Clear Watery Discharge: What It Means and When To worry


  1. So the stretchy clear discharge is mostly seen is ovulation? Where aftet conception and around implationion is usually the white diacharge, right?

  2. I had a full hysterectomy in 2008 due to cancer. I’ve been experiencing white watery discharge. Its worse after I use the restroom. So this is different for me I’m not ovulating, pregnant nor is it itchy or smelly. What could cause this?

  3. I have the same clear watery discharge, not smelly, not itchy, but making me uncomfortable because it’s quite heavy until I need to use sanitary pads. I am 52, not yet menopause and have 6cm fibroid for the last 2 years. My period still ‘on time’ and quite heavy. I am taking Traxamine for my heavy period – only on heavy days.

    1. Omg!!! Me too down to age, discharge and fibroid. My fibroid is a submuscal. What is yours? Do you have any other symptoms with your fibroid. Best wishes, suzanne

  4. I’m Mrs idowu,I notice I av a white thick discharge b4 ma menstrual period,and afta ma period som kind of watery discharge slippery stretchy discharge like egg white after ma periods,is it normal,and does it mean I wil able to conceive.I notice wen I use a tablet called clomyd,cause I wz directed to use it becos of ma prolactin high as at DAT gym,BT does it mean I can conceive.

  5. i hav a yellowish greenish watery discharge nit too many and its odorless is that normal i also experiemce some bleeding during intercourse when my partner is going too deep but not experiencing pain during intervourse or pain when urinating i cant figure out whats wrong with me

  6. Hi,
    I have the same exact issue as you all say. Fibriod, discharge and doctors no clue.
    Anybody find any solution please help.

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