Brown Discharge After Period: Causes, Treatments


  1. My period started on the 4th September. Today is 18 and I am still facing brown discharge with small lumps in it.
    What should I do?

    1. Pray! I’ve had brown spotting after my periods straight up until ovulation for years now. Doctors did some tests and found nothing wrong so I either have an ablation, go on birth control, or live with. I don’t believe in damaging my body to solve a problem and birth control gives me adverse effects so I’m stuck living with it. Can’t find a damn thing online about it.

  2. I’ve had brownish bleeding with some small clots on some days and cramping since I had a hernia repair could something b wrong with me, Ive also just stopped my period 2weeks ago and just trying to figure out what could b wrong with me.

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